Multi-point door lock SKG***® DE LUXE

Burglars don’t stand a chance!

A well-secured door makes it very hard for burglars to break in. Our multi-point door locks have security fittings, an anti-drill inlay and a modern reversible key with horizontal key insertion. The accompanying certificate ensures top quality and optimal protection.


The advantages

This lock replaces the main lock on your door and is suitable for any wooden front door, back door or interior door. Inside the lock we place an ABUS cylinder, which sports an anti-drill inlay, a high- strength modular threaded bore hole and hardened steel pins – all to increase protection against drilling and extraction.

Furthermore, the multi-point door lock DE LUXE comes with a security certificate:

  • Specialised dealers will only provide a spare key when you show this certificate, thus
    preventing unauthorised people from reproducing the key.
  • You won’t have to leave your key behind when a spare one is made: the certificate consists
    of a code, based on which the locksmith will produce the new key.
  • Due to this code, the quality of all new keys is guaranteed.

The lock comes with low-wear, attractively looking security fittings and pull protection, preventing thieves from extraction the key. Our multi-point door lock is approved by the Dutch security standard SKG, an independent authority that tests builder’s hardware on strength and endurance.

Unique offer

Van Delft Locksmiths now offer this lock, combined with security fittings, anti-drill inlay and ABUS cylinder for a mere € 439.-, including assembly. One of our technicians will come over to assemble and adjust the lock.

Don’t miss out!

Make an appointment with us to take up this unique offer.



  • Matching locking plates and strikes
  • Safety bar/lever handle
  • SKG***® anti-drill inlay colour F1
  • ABUS SKG*** cylinder
    Assumed door thickness: 40 mm
  • From € 439,- (assembly included)

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